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Opening June 8!

Brioche-Style Raised Gourmet Donuts

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Hand-crafted Gourmet Donuts Made Locally in Merrimack NH.  

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Ring Donuts


Cream Filled Donuts


Jam Filled Donuts

Our Donut Story

It all began with a late-night craving for something sweet and chewy yet light enough to melt in your mouth…
Next thing he knew, David, the man behind the irresistible treats, was making donuts night and day. Mixing and matching various dessert flavors with the fluffy clouds of dough, he started the quest to make the best possible donuts. Batch after batch he began discovering the secrets to perfectly raised and fluffy dough balls. Hand rolling each donut and frying it to a crispy perfection was not an easy task, but it was always the donut o’clock in his kitchen.


Sophisticated & Organic

Donut O’clock has now perfected more than 25 unique varieties of donuts with sophisticated flavors made from scratch and locally produced in Creative Chefs Kitchen in Derry, New Hampshire. Our donuts

feature long dough fermentation periods which gives them absolute fluffy and cloudy texture. Using only organic and fresh ingredients we have achieved good balance of sweet and rich flavors at the same time keeping the caloric value at minimum. Eat without guilt!


Your cloudy emotional support


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